Effective and Flexible
CARRYMED is independent and leverages an international
network of GDP-compliant subcontractors. This allows us
to always offer state-of-the-art solutions for our clients and
flexibly react to unforeseen circumstances.
Focus on Pharma
CARRYMED is focused on temperature-controlled pharma
transports. Our team exactly knows what the intricacies
and challenges of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals are.
Exceptional cases are our daily business.
Managing Logistics
CARRYMED acts as a project manager to close the
communication gaps in a highly fragmented international
freight process and closely works with all participating parties
to guarantee that all quality relevant steps are perfectly executed.
Exceeding Quality Standards
CARRYMED is proud to go beyond standard industry practice
and has developed its own unique level of quality control,
perfected over thousands of successful shipments, in order to
reach our goal of zero failure.

"CARRYMED is the first licensed wholesaler to offer temperature-controlled logistics for pharmaceuticals "

We close the GMP Gap between consignor and consignee.

Quality Management

Having  a specialist you can trust is indispensable.

We are only focused on temperature-controlled logistics for pharmaceuticals and proud to go beyond standard industry practice.  Our quality control and process design have been perfected through thousands of successful shipments in order to reach our goal of zero failure. 

Transport Solutions

Being flexible and agile is important.
We carefully evaluate each shipment based on its specific risk profile and handling requirements in order to find the optimal combination of transport and packaging solutions to safely reach its destination.

GDP Compliance

Exceeding quality standards is self evident.

We are a freight forwarder that is structured like a pharma company and therefore need to adhere to the same stringent protocols as manufacturers themselves. Additionally we fulfill all regulatory standards of a GDP-compliant transport company.

" Only the best is good enough, when it comes to health matters "