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CARRYMED: Locations and Airport Operations


CARRYMED  is based in the heart of Europe with locations in Germany/Frankfurt and Austria/Vienna. Both locations are of strategical significance for pharmaceutical exports out of Europe.

Our expertise is the effective risk and process management for temperature-controlled pharma transports. In order to meet our main goal of zero failure, we ensure proactive human management on top of automated systems. One dedicated GDP expert is the contact person for the customer and manages the information flow between all stakeholders of each transport.

We handle all temperature-sensitive shipments within state-of-the-art facilities, located directly at the airports. This minimizes interfaces and further reduces the risk of temperature excursions.

Airport Operations and Solutions:

At Frankfurt Airport we are operating in the Perishable Center Frankfurt and all shipments from the Vienna Airport are funneled through the recently inaugurated Vienna Pharma Handling Center.

This allows us to offer best in class solutions in both locations:

  • 24/7 operations
  • Buildings are located directly at the airport
  • Temperature controlled docking ports for trucks
  • Shipment build up in CTR environment
  • Direct access to the tarmac on the other side of the building
  • All shipments are being directly delivered to the aircraft
  • Minimized waiting time on the apron
  • Dedicated GDP-trained personnel
  • Constant monitoring of refrigerated areas and containment
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Both locations allow us to effectively serve pharma manufacturers all over Europe while enabling effective exports into the rest of the world.

Get in touch to learn how we set up transport lanes and actively manage shipments based on dynamic risk assessment.

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