We love to find creative solutions for challenging problems and are comfortable with the intricacies of temperature-controlled transports. Our team is striving for continuous self-improvement and maintains its status as one of the leaders in cold-chain pharmaceutical management.

"Carrymed is specifically focused to the needs and care of pharmaceutical transportation"

CARRYMED’s founder and CEO, Peter Kralinger, has been working within the Pharmaceutical and Bioscience Industry for more than seventeen years. Evolving from years of direct industry experience, within Manufacturing, Engineering and Supply Chain, CARRYMED is the product of a wealth of industry experience, specifically focused on the needs and care of pharmaceutical transportation.

As Director of Logistics for a leading global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, Peter focused his attention on perfecting the development of an unbroken cold chain process. With his accumulated expertise and industry knowledge, he then founded CARRYMED in 2005, which began as a forwarding agency, and further acquired the WDA regulatory standard, outlined by the Medicine Act.

Peter Kralinger

We are striving for continuous self-improvement and for maintaining to be one of the leaders in pharmaceutical cold-chain management."

CARRYMED was later joined by Tatjana Klammer, an expert in her field with over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in Quality Control and Quality Assurance throughout her career. Tatjana also holds the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification and is an essential member at CARRYMED committed to providing outstanding levels of quality to our service.

We have enjoyed many years of excellent business performance and endeavour  to continue this practice for years to come.

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Tatjana Klammer