CARRYMED works with an international network of GDP-compliant subcontractors. Our team evaluates each project based on the specific product requirements and risk factors to find the optimal combination of packaging and transport.

Working with an international network allows us
to offer state of the art solutions and flexibly react to unforeseen changes in supply and demand mechanics.

We ensure that all our quality standards are met throughout the shipping process.


GDP Compliant Premises

Qualified Containment

Complete Documentation

Tamper-Proof Packaging

24/7 Security

All temperature-sensitive shipments are handled in state-of-the-art facilities, located directly at the airport.
This minimizes interfaces and further reduces risk of temperature excursions.

Temperature-controlled docking ports for trucks

Shipments build up in CRT environments

Minimized waiting time on the apron

Dedicated GDP-trained personnel

Constant monitoring of refrigerated areas and containment

We are offering our own proprietary passive-packaging solution for all ambient temperature shipments: the thermal foil Carr’IS.

Carr’IS is composed of more than 25 layers of different materials for insulating effects and has a highly reflective surface to protect against sudden temperature changes, such as exposure to environment during loading of the aircraft on the tarmac.

Products protected with Carr’IS can be 72% longer exposed to unfavourable environmental conditions before the product reaches is temperature limit. 


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