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How to guarantee a closed cold chain for pharma transports.

Pharmaceuticals are often delicate and need temperature-controlled environments. Guaranteeing a closed cold chain from manufacturer to distributor is therefore of the highest priority. 

Active vs. passive thermo packaging.

The safest method is to use the thermo-packaging already in the warehouse of the shipper and to remove it in the warehouse of the consignee.

Two options are available:

·         Passive packaging
·         Active packaging

Usually, the time limit for passive packaging is tight. It is in the range of 3-5 days. Road feeder service, flight under consideration of Latest Acceptance Time (LAT) of the airline, arrival and storage while clearance is pending, can easily exceed the period of safe usage.

Using an active system such as cooling containers—without a time limit, as long as sufficient power supply is available—is safer. However, it requires the necessary infrastructure in the warehouses of shipper and consignee—which rarely is available. The minimum lease time—3, 5, and seldom 7 days—can easily be passed and lead to high excess cost.

Delivery with thermo-trucks.

A cost-saving method is the delivery with a thermo-truck to the airport of departure, loading under the given temperature limits und unloading from the containers within a temperature-controlled environment. While clearance is pending, the shipment is being stored in a cool room at the airport. Therefore, the selection of a forwarder, who can provide such an environment and safe handling processes, is key.

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