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Obstacles in the International Air-Cargo Process

Pharma companies have to transfer goods far and wide. They have to hire the services of a reliable freight company to ensure the goods are delivered in a safe manner.

Despite their best efforts, they still have to face obstacles in the international air-cargo process.

Here are some of the most common obstacles in the international air-cargo process:

#1 Dealing with Multiple Parties

One has to deal with multiple parties in order to get the job done. Airlines, ground handling agents and customs service each have different agendas, asymmetric information and communication gaps between each other.

Misinformation regarding freight weight and size, address, temperature requirements, value, and transit time are pretty common. This is of huge importance in the pharma industry since most drugs require a specific environment and loading/unloading process.

Mistakes can lead to costly delays or worse, product deterioration.

#2 Changing Laws and Regulations

There is a lot of file work involved when it comes to international freight. In fact, many countries even require security filings. We take care of all the legal work including e-AWB and other such documents.

#3 Unregulated Air Cargo Environments

As mentioned earlier, it is important to take care of the environment when it comes to medicinal products.

Manufacturers are required to comply with the Good Distribution Practices, also known as GDP. It is also the manufacturer’s responsibility to comply with all the storage requirements stated in the GMP. Commercial air cargo processes, on the contrary, are geared towards fast execution of bulk loads with low handling requirements.

We are GDP licensed and adhere to the same laws as manufacturers. Furthermore, we are audited by the ministry of health. This way we ensure the same quality standard throughout the transportation process.

Carrymed works exclusively with pharma companies and is experienced in handling temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. We close the gaps in a fragmented air cargo process and act as project managers. Our team ensures each delivery is completed on time and in the desired manner by supervising all quality relevant steps.

When you work with us, you work with a company that understands your concerns and offers customized solutions to ensure your shipment reaches the destination without obstacles.

Get in contact today to speak to one of our agents to know more about how our services can help you realize frictionless pharma shipments.

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